What is Virtual Assistance?

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional service provider who specializes in providing administrative office support services remotely, from their home office. They are independent contractors, small business owner themselves, who work with clients in an ongoing, collaborative professional relationship.

Clients do not pay for vacation time, sick days, personal days or insurance. They pay only for the time work is performed. And because VAs work out of their own office, the client doesn't have to provide office space, saving them not only space but money as well.

How is the work done?
VAs utilize current technology. Work is communicated through telephone, email, or online conference rooms. VAs support clients across the nation as well as internationally. There really are no limits or boundaries. It’s a wonderful way for administrative professionals to have their own business and is cost-effective for their clients.

For local clients, I may consider traveling to your office and handle tasks such as office organization, computer organization, and other services on a short-term basis.

What are some of the services that a Virtual Assistant might provide?
Services may include:

  • scheduling and appointment management
  • client management
  • data entry
  • research
  • special project management and a host of other things.

Please see the Services page for more information.

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