You can have al-a-cart, you can partner for certain services or you can get all the services.  All services include unlimited text or email communications. I don't want people to be stuck and have to wait, provided we have open communication and a reasonable time frame in which to accomplish the job.

If we partner for a certain amount of hours per month, I notify you in plenty of time when we are getting close to the contracted hours so together we can prioritize what your needs are. We provide time tracking so we are all on the same page as far as tasks and time.  This allows us both to keep track and know where there may be gaps or things that need to be prioritized.

Packages offered 

3-month package
6-month package
1-year package
I do require an email of termination with 2 weeks notice, either from you or from me. If we are not working well together, we will both know it's time to end the relationship. This 2 weeks allows for me to finish up what I'm doing for you, allows you the time to find someone else, and allows time for me to find another client.

Let's See What We Can Accomplish Together

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